Leonor de Lera presents “L’Arte di diminuire” on Radio Nacional de España

Leonor de Lera presented L’Estro d’Orfeo’s new CD “L’Arte di diminuire” on Radio Nacional de España’s classical music program “La Dársena” on March 26th (2020).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was unable to meet in person with program’s host Jesús Trujillo, but they managed to present the new album through pre-recorded voice messages.

Leonor talked about the program of the new CD, how they prepared for it, stylistic decisions, etc. If you  missed the interview and you want to know more about the CD and the subject of diminutions, you can listen to the podcast here.  (Mins. 0:00 – 07:00 & 0:46:36 – 1:15:20)