Zomer van Sint-Pieter

Zomer van Sint-Pieter


30 July 2021 at 12:15
Leuven, Belgium
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We’re very sorry to announce that due to the difficulties that COVID-19 is creating, our concert had to be cancelled. It’ll be postponed to 2022. Stay tuned!



PROGRAM: “Altri canti d’amor”


Love, which encompasses an endless array of other emotions that spread from the brightest to the most sombre, is the subject of this program, which takes its title “Altri Canti d’Amor” from a madrigal found in Claudio Monteverdi’s Eighth Book of Madrigals.

It focuses on the music of the Seicento Italiano and more precisely on the schools of northern Italy- mainly the Venetian school but also those of Lombardy and Modena -, and it combines both instrumental and vocal pieces- the latter in instrumental versions- connected to the subject of ‘love’.

By using instruments instead of the voice, we suggest the idea of “other ways of singing about love”, thus giving a double sense to the title “Altri Canti d’Amor”, as well as emphasizing the close relationship that existed between the instrumental and the human voice and the resultant influence of the latter (by imitation) on the technique and performance practices of the former.


Pieces by Monteverdi, Uccellini, Strozzi, Merula, Cavalli, Rognoni and Marini.


  • Leonor de Lera, baroque violin & artistic direction
  • Josué Meléndez, cornetto
  • Ignacio Ramal, baroque violin
  • Rodney Prada, viola da gamba
  • Josep María Martí, theorbo & baroque guitar
  • Javier Núñez, harpsichord
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