XXXIV Festival de Música Clásicos en Verano

XXXIV Festival de Música Clásicos en Verano


23 July 2021 21:00
Valdetorres de Jarama, Spain
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Comunidad de Madrid

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PROGRAM: “Affetti Musicali”

Affetti could be described as an imitation or expression of emotions. In the case of instrumental music, which is devoid of text, the expression of affetti is the musical representation of a word or idea. It is the art of eloquence; the art of interpreting the meaning of words with rhetorical formulas, gestures and different accents and intonations in order to move the listener. The term affetti was also used as a synonym for various ornaments and diminutions, which formed a central part of early Baroque music and a valuable source of expression.

The “stile moderno” trend of the early seventeenth century confers a new status on instrumental music. This rises to the same level as vocal music and is capable of moving the listener’s affections without even having to resort to words. The instrument demonstrates its oratorical abilities and establishes itself as an alternative to the voice.


Pieces by Fontana, Bassano, Rognoni, Uccellini, Kapsberger, Rossi, Falconiero, Pandolfi.


  • Leonor de Lera, baroque violin & artistic direction
  • Josep Maria Martí, archlute
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