Szczawno-Zdrój Baroque Festival – CANCELLED

Szczawno-Zdrój Baroque Festival – CANCELLED


29 May 2022
Szczawno-Zdrój, Poland
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PROGRAM: “L’Arte di diminuire”

A program focused on the different ways of using, playing and writing diminutions. This seventeenth century practice of improvised ornamentation was a subject of great importance that filled the pages of many treatises dedicated to the teaching of this practice and all good musicians were expected to master this art.

The program of L’Estro d’Orfeo’s second CD presents pieces that include diminutions written by the players as well as original compositions by Italian composers of the Seicento. Music that at the same time gives a clear example of the technical virtuosity that was being developed at the time.

Pieces by Palestrina, Rore, Marini, Sances, Uccellini, Rossi, Selma.


  • Leonor de Lera, baroque violin & artistic direction
  • Ignacio Ramal, baroque violin
  • Rodney Prada, viola da gamba
  • Josep María Martí, theorbo & baroque guitar
  • Javier Núñez, harpsichord & organ


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