L'Estro d'Orfeo

L'Estro d'Orfeo

Founded by Leonor de Lera in 2015, L’Estro d’Orfeo has been labelled by the critics as an “ensemble of exceptional quality”. They specialise in instrumental music of the late 16th and early 17th centuries, making use of period instruments and with a historically informed approach in line with the aesthetics of the time. Their purpose is to bring forward the instrumental music that marked the beginning of a new era and a new concept in music: instrumental virtuosity. Up until that moment, instruments had been used mainly as an accompaniment to the voice. The great value and importance that instruments started gaining in the first half of the 17th century, - where they ceased serving merely as accompaniments to the voice and gradually became the main protagonist of the musical scene while attaining a level of virtuosity that had never been explored before-, is that key moment in music history that marked the beginning of evolution for instrumental music. L’Estro d’Orfeo have performed in many festivals around Europe, including Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania and Spain. They released their debut CD “Altri Canti d’Amor” in September 2017 under the Dutch label Challenge Classics, which received fantastic reviews on some of the leading classical music magazines. Their second CD “L’Arte di diminuire” was released in March 2020 under the same label. Just like their debut CD, it has received excellent reviews as well as “La Clef ResMusica” award and has been nomitade for the International Classical Music Awards 2021.

The Latest Albums

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